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Speech Assessment System

for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Julie A. Hanks and John Luckner


Move seamlessly from easy assessment to clearly defined teaching goals with this new speech assessment tool.

Created by experienced educators and clinicians, the Speech Assessment System has multiple uses, including:

  1. · Developing intervention goals and objectives
  2. · Monitoring progress
  3. · Evaluating program effectiveness
  4. · Gathering outcomes data, including data for insurance purposes
  5. · Measuring generalization

Simple to administer, reliable, quick and easy to score, this system leads directly to the preparation of clearly defined teaching goals.


Unlike other articulation tests, the Speech Assessment System meets the specific needs of professionals in that it examines the full complexities of the student’s speech production and it is criterion-referenced, allowing for the identification of individual strengths as well as areas needing attention.


With a storybook-based screening activity is the core, professionals can profile the student’s speech, gather a language sample and examine the student’s use of independent language.


The Speech Assessment System program contains:

  • A pictorial storybook (A Day at the Lake)
  • Picture Cards
  • Assessment and analysis forms on tear-off pads
  • A manual including instructions, sample case studies, and supportive information on topics such as speech production, evidence-based practice, generalization and other topics

This is an excellent speech production assessment tool for speech-language pathologists, deaf educators, and audiologists working with students ages 3 through 10 years, including cochlear implant and hearing aid users.



ISBN 978-1-884362-87-3



Item 2877 Speech Assessment System Program $149.00



ISBN 978-1-884362-91-0



Item 2915 Speech Assessment System, 25 Storybook Screening Record Sheets $25.00



ISBN 978-1-884362-92-7



Item 2923 Speech Assessment System, 25 Item Analysis Sheets $30.00



ISBN 978-1-884362-93-4



Item 2931 Speech Assessment System, 25 Speech Production Summary Sheets $25.00

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Spoken Communication
for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
A Multidisciplinary Approach
Second Edition


Diane Heller Klein


The second edition of Spoken Communication updates and expands upon the first edition, including brand new chapters on Assessment and Cochlear Implants, and a greatly expanded instructional strategies chapter with more suggestions for eliciting specific speech sounds and more suggestions for older students.


Spoken Communication supports the instructional best practice of using a multidisciplinary team approach to develop spoken communication skills. (Teachers, speech therapists, parents, school district personnel and the STUDENT all work together within the classroom setting to establish, develop and support spoken communication skills.) The text works from the perspective that spoken language development is possible regardless of the type and degree of hearing loss or the educational program's philosophy.


This user-friendly book is written so that any member of the team can utilize its information. Chapters include: producing a tool bag of strategies, hearing & tests, development of speech production, amplification devices and Cochlear implants, teaching to the child’s strength, assessment, and teaching & carryover strategies. The text is full of pictures, forms, springboard discussions, experiments, and practical ideas for use in school or at home.


ISBN 978-1-884362-95-8



Item 2958 Spoken Communication $56.00


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Student Speech Record
Second Edition
as described in Spoken Communication


Also in its second edition, the Student Speech Record has been totally revised with progress monitoring for IEP updates. This assessment tool is described in the Spoken Communication text chapter on Assessment, along with examples. It is in a folder format to be used as part of a portfolio or for ongoing evaluation.


ISBN 978-1-884362-97-2



Item 2975 Student Speech Record: 10 folders $19.00


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GoodMorningMeGood Morning Me
Fun repetitions your little one can't help but mimic!


Lisa Eberlein


This whimsical book incorporates speech exercises to encourage your child's verbal development by introducing initial vowel/consonant combinations through entertaining repetition. These basic speech exercises practiced by children with diagnosed speech delay are beneficial for any child developing speech.



Item 63678 Good Morning Me $17.95


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LipreadLearn to Lipread


Virginia McKinney


Learn to Lipread is designed to develop skill through practice and thereby reduce frustration for those who cannot understand enough conversation to participate. This program is an excellent way to supplement the training from a class or a therapist. For those able to wear a hearing aid, lipreading (speechreading) supplements the linguistic auditory information received through the aid, particularly in noisy environments. For those lacking usable residual hearing, this practice could increase the amount of speech communication one is able to grasp.


This series consists of lipreading and auditory training lessons for adolescents and adults. It is available on DVD, together with a manual to provide additional practice.


ISBN 978-1-884362-61-3



Item 2613 Learn to Lipread $49.00

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