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Test of Early Reading Ability
Deaf or Hard of Hearing (TERA-D/HH)

D. Kim Reid, Wayne Hers, Don Hammill and Susan Wiltshire

Ages: 3 through 13
Testing Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Administration: Individual

This is the only individually administered test of reading designed for children with moderate to profound sensory hearing loss (i.e., ranging from 41 to beyond 91 decibels, corrected). TERA-D/HH is also the only individually administered reading test designed for children younger than age 8 who are deaf or hard of hearing. It has equivalent forms and taps the child’s ability to construct meaning, knowledge of the alphabet and its functions, and awareness of print conventions. Results are reported as standard scores (M = 100; SD = 15), percentile rankings, and normal curve equivalents. TERA-D/HH was standardized on a national sample of more than 1,000 students who were deaf or hard of hearing from 20 states. Normative data are given for every 6-month interval from 3-0 through 13- 11. Internal consistency and test-retest reliability are reported in the manual. In all instances, coefficients approach or exceed .90. Validity coefficients for TERA-D/HH compared with other reading, language, intelligence, and achievement tests frequently used with students who are deaf or hard of hearing also are reported in the manual. Testing time is 20 to 30 minutes.

Complete TERA-D/HH Kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, and 25 Form A and 25 Form B Profile/ Examiner Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.



Item 5130 TERA DHH Complete Kit $228.00


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